What People Are Saying

I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate your visit last week. I have never been more impressed by anyone I've ever met than I was with you. Thanks for sharing your massive knowledge with those of us who suffer from EHS, you are a God send. 

N.J. - Hickory, NC 


Here's the really great news: both my kids are now able to eat wheat/gluten without any symptoms. Their digestion had become so dysregulated from the eight years of a high­EMF home that they became both dairy and wheat intolerant. After five months in a low-EMF home, which you helped us create, they're now able to eat normally. My husband and I are also doing so much better. Thank you for saving the lives of four people! You are a bodhisattva. 

S.S. - Durham, NC  February 2018 


Your work on my house has been truly life-changing. Although I have ongoing health issues, you brought me out of a true health crisis earlier this summer. None of the 10+ doctors I'd seen in the Duke Medical System could help, but you identified and corrected problems in the house as well as filtering the dirty electricity from the smart meter, all of which have improved my ability to function day to day.

E.F. - Chapel Hill, NC


I'm sooo glad I found you online a couple of years ago. I never imagined that you would make a difference in the way that you have.

B. - Chapel Hill, NC


HI ANDREW, GOOD MORNING, AND I DO MEAN GOOD MORNING !!!    I 've got to tell you, I slept straight from 11 PM to 9 AM last night (my 2nd night since you fixed things). no waking up during the night, no tossing and turning, no anything anything just wonderful sleep.  I couldn't believe it when I looked at the clock this morning!  Usually it takes me forever to go to sleep, and then I"m awake 2 or three times during the night around 3 to 4 or 5 am, and then most of the time can't get back to sleep at all.  I would toss and turn most all night, and had trouble shutting my mind off.  It was so wonderful to sleep so long with no interruptions at all. Five, six or maybe 7 hours at the most is how it has been for over a decade or more. I actually felt like getting up this morning, instead of the usual not feeling like I had slept much at all, and just dragging myself out of bed. And it's good to know that good things are happening in my body and brain when I can rest like I did last night. So, thank you, thank you, thank you for your work, so glad I contacted you, so glad you came.  You are truly a blessing,  You're so kind and genuine, and so considerate of others, truly a joy to be around.  We really appreciate your dedication to what you do, you want to help others feel better, and you do.  

K.O.,  GA


Hi Andrew!  Just wanted to give you a little update.  I slept like a stone last night – very very different level of sleep - DEEP.  Additionally, for the past year I have been having issues with being a bit dizzy when I stand up.  What partially explained this was as I chelate out heavy metals, I need to decrease and eventually halt blood pressure medication.  Today I have NOT BEEN DIZZY at all!!!!  HUGE YEEEEEE HAHS to you!!!  THANK YOU!!!   THANK YOU!!!   THANK YOU!!!  BLESS YOU!!!   BLESS YOU!!! BLESS YOU!!!   

F.G. - Raleigh, NC March 2018  


It is such a relief to know that you are available to help me find and remedy a new home. I am so impressed by your hard won and detailed knowledge and grateful that you have dedicated a part of your life to helping those of us who also suffer from EMS find a safe place to live. After 2 homes that I was unable to live in, I would be so fearful of ending up in yet another house I was unable to live in without your expert knowledge and availability to inspect any new house I am considering buying. In fact, had I known of your service, I may not have had to sell my beloved home of 20 years in Asheville. It is especially important to know that you can communicate with electricians regarding what alterations I may need to make the house safe for me. As soon as I find an acceptable house to buy, I will be contacting you. Thank You, 

B.K. - Asheville, NC


It's been almost a month since Andrew came to my house to help me with my electro-magnetic sensitivities. Using state-of-the-art tools which he allowed me to operate, he helped me find the best ways to reduce exposure and create safe spots. My symptoms have greatly improved and I feel a much greater sense of control over this problem which can make sufferers feel so helpless! If you have electro­magnetic sensitivities, I would very much suggest giving Andrew a call. He is an expert who really understands this growing problem. With compassion and professionalism, he is dedicated to helping sufferers find relief. And, he is available even after the assessment, to help guide you through recovery. It may be a battle, but you don't have to do it alone. 

L.S. - Durham, NC 


Thank you for taking the time and working with me to provide valuable emf information to help me and my family. I learned so much from you and you definitely have a gift. 

L.M. - South Carolina


Just know how grateful we are to you.  Your visit exceeded our wildest expectations, and I literally think that everyone needs to have you do a home assessment. 

L.K. - Tryon, NC


I woke up at 5:30 this morning more refreshed than I have in years. I usually must drag myself out of bed in the morning (usually 7-7:30) and don’t have much energy until mid-morning. I can’t wait to see how I feel in a couple weeks.

M.S. - Wake Forest, NC


Thanks for the amazing job you did yesterday!  I learned so much valuable information. ...You are doing a wonderful service and I appreciate it and will be singing your praises here in 


B.V. - Wilmington, NC


Upon first speaking with Andrew I got a sense that he was passionate about EMF protection. He was extremely flexible with scheduling. When he came to the home, he put me at ease right away and he was compassionate about me wanting to protect myself from EMFs. He explained things to me first before he did them and he listened to everything I had to say respectfully. He took the time to do detailed measuring of EMFs and he acted like a detective until he found the root(s) of pollution. Once he figured out source he offered lots of affordable options for addressing the problem including where to get EMF shielding products that were reliable.  He even offered to come back once all the changes were in place to ensure that the situation was resolved or to do further testing. I would hire and use Andrew again with no concerns. 

R.C. - Raleigh, NC 


This is the third morning that I have awakened without pain or the feeling of struggle behind my eyes.  I feel like I will be improving! ...I need to say thank you again, as I don’t believe I said it sufficiently when you were here.  I think it’s called “shell-shock” and I have been in it since 2010.  My eyes are not too glassy today, so I believe I will be coming out of shell shock, and you helped us on our way.  You created a bridge for us to step across, provided understanding and measuring tools with expertise that allowed for us to not only to understand our plight but to save money in knowing how to proceed without guessing.  That is worth a bundle.  ... it was the THING TO DO, THANK YOU!   Thank you for coming all the way to Tennessee just to help us and for bringing your experience and expertise to our home. ...  Your rates did not kill us.  They were necessary and fair, if not to our benefit instead of yours, and that I would underline, because I know it’s true, so we have a lot to be thankful for ...

C.B. - Tennessee


Andrew McAfee performed a thorough consultation at my home. His methods in meeting during this time were practical and extremely helpful. He explained everything in a manner that one would understand; he was careful to provide me with detailed information but not to an overwhelming degree. It was clear and made sense.


He is detailed, cautious, and spent a great deal of time checking everything. He explained what he was doing, testing, etc., so that I would understand the purpose of his work. Above all, his primary goal was the safety and well-being of everyone in the home. For me, the care and compassion, plus his extensive knowledge, truly made me start to feel better. I look forward to following through on his recommendations. Keep in mind, some may be extensive but he will explain the rationale for long-term favorable outcomes.
NMS - Cary, NC

About Andrew


In 2001, Andrew and his newlywed wife moved into a newly constructed home. After about 6 months, they both experienced headaches and an intense fatigue everyday around 5-7pm, showed signs of discoloration under and around the eyes and burning on the skin. Andrew became electrically sensitive (ES) to everything electrical including cell phones, TV towers and body voltages. 

They began to suspect that the radio tower across the street might have something to do with it. Charles Keen just happened to be driving from Florida through the state the following day. We began our discovery with him and learned about the massive wiring problems and code violations in our home in addition to the tower radiation levels.  For example, Charles found 9V of electricity in the bed which explained the crawling sensation on Andrew's face at night and fans, outlets, panels and other incorrectly wired devices created magnetic fields across the living areas.

Repairing the home helped reduce the symptoms, but it was too late. Moving at the 2 year mark to another home wasn't enough to eliminate the pain, headaches and fatigue from a different radio/TV tower. We moved again to an apartment while looking for the 3rd home. Finally, after finding a home in 2006 that seemed to satisfy all the basic tower minimum readings, living in this new environment led to the discovery of even deeper home wiring issues and grounding problems that my body was becoming sensitive to. 

Despite seeing every medical professional available specializing in anything related to the symptoms, things became worse. Doctors tried heavy metal chelation therapy, UV blood treatments, Neurological testing, herbal and vitamin therapies, etc., etc. Finding his brother's dairy raw colostrum seemed to help the most, Andrew put up a website to alert others of this new condition and its pitfalls. 

Andrew had been hiring EMF experts like Karl Riley to come and troubleshoot home wiring problems and had gradually acquired a number of meters and a personal preference to tracing techniques. Being ES, he was aware of problems that were not being typically traced. 

His full time career as a professional musician (principal horn of the NC Symphony) became exceeding difficult to perform with this condition (around wi-fi, cell phones, poor electrical wiring) and in 2007 changed to teaching music at UNC at Chapel Hill. The ADA wasn't much support in helping substantiate his condition but through numerous meetings and presentations was able to work out an arrangement to turn off the wi-fi in his teaching locations. He also began his masters in conducting from UNCSA and conducting the Nutcracker annually (and other ballets) with the Triangle Youth Ballet. In 2009 he completed his Masters program and continued performing and teaching part-time. 

Around 2008, he began receiving calls related to the new radiation producing electric meters. Using his meters and skills learned to help himself, he began helping others reduce their pain by locating various sources of EMFs. 

Slowly expanding his service over the next 7 years, Andrew worked with more and more electricians acquiring their trade secrets and seeing how many problems electrical are created. He also took electrical courses in basic electricity, grounding and bonding and Journeyman's coursework from and consulted with Dave Stetzer, Oram Miller, Sam Milham, Donald Zipse and numerous other EMF consultants and experts.

He also led in depth multi-year campaigns petitioning the NC Non-Ionizing Commission, NC Utility Commission and NC legislature for an opt-out to smart meters (and against 5G), as well as other measures. 

His passion to learn real and healthy solutions led him to work twice in a medical cannabis greenhouse "grow" in Oregon for a few months in 2016 and again in 2017, the second time managing the facility.

With increasing demand from the Lyme community, Andrew ended his major musical obligations and began a full time devotion to the Home EMF Tracing service in May of 2017. 

His tracing practice involves the latest meters and innovations to find the most difficult EMF's a home can hide. Current on the grounds caused by improper neutral/case connections, appliances, ground/neutral connections, cableTV and water lines, are often disregarded and overlooked. Checking the neutrals is an essential test to ensure they are not connected to other neutrals or grounds thereby creating multiple return pathways and magnetic fields. Having two outlets installed at the breaker panel for "dirty" electricity filters has become an essential installation for nearly every home. Lowering body voltage and removing contact current, removing Wi-Fi, shielding "smart" meters and other sources are now regular practices. 

Many just want a home checked before a purchase to see if the power lines or cell phone towers are too close. It is also wise to check the inside wiring before closing, as a few have done to their great relief and reward. 

Many Lyme, MS, mold and other chronic conditions have found great relief by removing EMF's from their home and essential for any therapy to work.

So many problems are caused by just a casual visit by a heat/air, radon, water filter or other technician who hacks into a circuit to get power for their appliance. Find out what is really going on in your home. Don't blindly trust your existing home wiring condition or the low wage workers who have had access to your wiring. 

Power surges can burn out GFCI protection devices (estimated at over 20% are bad) and you'd never know it. Your breakers will not trip to protect you when there is "objectionable" current running on the grounds.

Andrew completed and received his Residential Electrician's Career Diploma from Penn Foster in May, 2019 and a Certificate of Completion (Honorary) for 206.2 Electrical Home Wiring from the International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology in December, 2019.  

See a video promo for his latest article called Killing Current.

Sleep well and live well with an EMF Clean home. 


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