Welcome to a healthier world

Welcome to a healthier world

Welcome to a healthier worldWelcome to a healthier worldWelcome to a healthier world

The relationship between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and disease is now clear. 


Family First in a Healthy Home

The home is where we love, heal, and create future generations. Let's make it as EMF healthy as possible. 

Start right now.

Protect your family when you remodel your home by using the EMF Clean electrician's punch list. 


Living EMF Clean

Sleep well, live well. Remove the unhealthy electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that have been secretly draining your vitality. EMFs are created from common wiring configurations and devices. Expensive supplements, therapies, and treatments will not work effectively while you are around EMFs. Watch Videos for examples of what is found in homes.


Unique Expertise

In addition to receiving a Residential Electrician's Career Diploma, the consultant, Andrew, has worked with the premiere EMF experts in our country. Few provide his depth of service at such an economical rate.

 The National Electrical Code (NEC) is a fire code primarily designed to protect wiring and appliances from overheating. It doesn't go far enough to address how EMFs can increase disease. This unique service establishes a much safer, medical grade standard, far beyond the protection of wires and appliances.

See Services for what is covered in a "tracing."

Brief Overview of problems

What could be causing additional stress and inflammation?

All homes need grounded Metal Clad Cable to contain electric fields, especially around bedrooms. Because most homes do NOT have MC Cable, we have a couple of options like turning off breakers and installing shut off switches near the bedroom. You could still install MC if motivated enough.

It is critically important to set up the entire home wiring system with only one a neutral to ground connection, and at one place only, at the Service (first breaker that turns off all power). Many homes have more than one and this can cause health problems.

Magnetic fields are created by current flowing and from parallel current paths, specifically when two or more neutrals are tied together from different circuits. Even though this a code violation it is still commonly found.

Suppressing the electric and magnetic fields also reduces the radiation of dirty electricity. Do NOT install filters until your wiring has been fixed or that energy will propagate out into the room inside those fields. 

EPRI has established 18uA of contact current has “biological effects relevant to cancer.” This changes the whole game and requires a deep dive into appliances and wiring configurations to ensure there is no leakage current onto grounding conductors, cable internet lines, water pipes and appliance frames. Breakers will NOT trip from foreign current on grounding conductors. 

Wireless radiation is an insidious destroyer of health. Hardwire everything. I will help you find solutions to stay connected and still keep most of your modern conveniences. 


Advice from Dr. Mercola

Avoid Nighttime EMF to Improve Sleep Quality

EMF exposure also triggers neuronal changes that affect memory and your ability to learn, and harms your body’s mitochondria by producing excessive oxidative damage, so “marinating” in EMFs all night, every night, can cause or contribute to virtually any chronic ailment, including premature aging.

One of the easiest ways to avoid or radically limit your nighttime electric field exposure from the wiring in your room is to pull the circuit breaker to your bedroom before you go to bed. Alternatively, have an electrician install a remote breaker (kill switch) for convenience.

This will virtually eliminate electric fields in your bedroom, unless you have adjacent rooms with wiring in them. You can check if your room's electric fields are in the lowest range with a meter after you shut off the power. 

Another really important step is to turn off your Wi-Fi at night. Ideally, hard wire your home so you are not required to use Wi-Fi in your home (better to have easy on/off option).

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