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The relationship between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and disease is now clear. 

New Book!

New PDF/e-book Released January 2020!

"What a pleasure to read your book! Your book held my attention from start to finish (very rare). I will be suggesting to my clients that they read your book before I embark on any multi day projects….You have fabulously crossed the language barrier between Homeowner, Electrical Engineer, to us, the Electricians to move more coherently and streamlined to a fully understood goal of reducing electrical stressors on our bodies. Your book will greatly minimize Homeowners sometimes needing blind faith as we 'Work in The Invisible.”  I can go on and on about the importance of your book. I eagerly look forward to all your updates!  Again, Thank You!
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I am pleased to announce the public release of Killing Current — Removing a Fatal Flaw From Our Home Electrical System: Current on Grounding Conductors

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The color 78 page .pdf explores little-known EPRI contact current research that substantiates the health problems associated with exposure to the electrical grid and our home wiring.

Loaded with pictures, explanations and links, this information sets a new foundation for electricians and Building Biologists on how to establish a more grid-protected home with lower electric fields in addition to finding and correcting numerous unhealthy in-home code violations. 

Killing Current is the flagship of the Killing Current Series, ebooks released monthly (4 books so far) throughout 2020 on how to achieve an EMF Clean standard for the electrically sensitive homeowner. Downloads available on the Shop page.

Or, order the 4 books as hardcopy books from Lulu: 

Killing Current: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/andrew-mcafee/killing-current/paperback/product-196jjm9z.html

Meter Disconnect: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/andrew-mcafee/meter-disconnect-installation-notes/paperback/product-149j2wd6.html

Tracing 102: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/andrew-mcafee/emf-tracing-102/paperback/product-5yy2dk.html

Parallel Paths: https://www.lulu.com/en/en/shop/andrew-mcafee/parallel-path-magnetic-fields/paperback/product-e4rngn.html

Killing  Current ebook

Family First in a Healthy Home

The home is where we love, heal, and create future generations. Wireless radiation will destroy all that we hold dear.

For those who are electrically sensitive and ready, start right now. 

My service is not for the beginner, taking the first baby steps after hearing something bad about 5G. If you are already insisting that wireless devices are turned off at night, you are in the right place.

The best time to protect your family is when you build or remodel your home. Use the EMF Clean electrician's punch list. 


Living EMF Clean

Many people are electrically sensitive naturally.  Some are extremely sensitive to this poison. EMFs are created from common wiring configurations and devices that secretly drain our vitality.  Expensive supplements, therapies, and treatments will not work as effectively while around EMFs. Turning off wireless devices is only the beginning. Your home's wiring broadcasts out poisonous frequencies generated by smart meters and the electrical grid.


Unique Expertise

In addition to receiving a Residential Electrician's Career Diploma, Andrew has worked with the premiere EMF experts in our country. 

Few provide his depth of service at any rate. 

 This service is designed for those who feel wireless frequencies destroying their lives and are ready to make a significant investment in their homes to permanently change the course of their health. See Videos for examples of work. 

See Services for what is covered in a "tracing."

Brief Overview

What can be really causing chronic stress and inflammation?

All homes should be wired using grounded Metal Clad (MC ) cable to reduce and contain electric fields, especially around bedrooms. Because most homes do NOT have MC cable, and instead use a plastic-type of protection on wiring (Romex), there are significant electric fields present. To sleep optimally in the short term, we can turn off breakers or install shut off switches near the bedroom. Unplug lamps around your bed or rewire them with shielded and grounded cords.

There is a major fatal flaw in the way the electrical grid is configured. Power companies, to save money on their transformers, got our home electrical Code to require that the neutral wire (return current wire) be connected to the earth at our main breaker. This helps reduce voltage (pressure) on their transformers but makes our homes unhealthy and vulnerable to grid problems. Installing a meter/disconnect combo to accommodate this one code-required neutral to ground connection allows us to get some separation from the grid problems. Our grounding conductors can then be separated from the neutrals for all our branch and appliance circuits. This lowers electric fields throughout the home. Additionally many homes have more than one neutral/ground connection and this can also cause numerous health problems. Read about this in my PDF ebook called Killing Current.

Magnetic fields are created when current flows and are increased in parallel paths, specifically when two or more neutrals are tied together from different circuits. Even though this a Code violation it is still commonly found. I have a diagnostic that finds all the magnetic field causing parallel paths so we can remove them.

Suppressing the electric and magnetic fields also reduces the radiation of dirty electricity (DE). Do not install DE filters until your wiring has been fixed or that DE energy will propagate out into the room inside those fields. 

EPRI reported 18uA of contact current has “biological effects relevant to cancer.” This changes the whole game and requires a deep dive into appliance and wiring configurations to ensure there is no leakage current onto grounding conductors and surfaces from cable internet lines, water pipes and appliance frames. Breakers will NOT trip from foreign current on grounding conductors. 

Wireless radiation is an insidiously destructive destroyer of our health. Hardwire everything and turn off the Wi-Fi router and put devices on Airplane mode. I can help you find solutions to stay connected and still keep most of your modern conveniences. 



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