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Report for Electrician

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This is for those wanting a report after their full home EMF tracing and includes a video, code violations and is designed to help electrician's understand what was found, and what needs to happen.

“…[R]erecently a sample report that you produced with electrical recommendations came into my hands.  Have to say I am seriously impressed.  You are deserving of the highest commendation.”

--Charles Keen, IAEI Certified Electrical Inspector, EMF SERVICES LLC. 845-276-9500

Free Example of the Report for Electrician

Includes a video, code citations, short punch list for workers, expanded list explanations for supervisor and home owner.

Please notice

I developed this material to help the electrically sensitive (ES).

In some of my material, I have links referencing unpublished articles. Please be patient, the new articles will soon be available. Subscribe to be notified. And, all of this information is available now through my services or a phone consult.  

I highly recommend the materials of master electrician and expert teacher Mike Holt. My articles are primarily written for the homeowner to begin to understand some very complex concepts and procedures. They are only beginning points to eventually seek out the professional materials, available on his website His numerous books, videos and courses  are an essential foundation to understanding this work. He leads the NEC in its learning curve. 

One can also learn more about this work attending courses from the Building Biology Institute. I have worked with Oram Miller and highly recommend his influence.

Although this information is designed to help those who are electrically sensitive, it can help the general public avoid problems in the future. It is by no means all that could be done but it is what CAN be done, right now, within the National Electrical Code. 

I am not a licensed electrician. I do not do electrical work or contracting. I work with electricians hired by the client. I have a Residential Electrician's Career Diploma from Penn Foster, have studied courses from Mike Holt and consulted for over 16 years with whom I believe are the leading EMF experts in our country. I have a masters degree in conducting, in music, not electricity. And I bring a vast amount of personal experience and new invention as someone who has desperately struggled to recover (currently about 90%) from being electrically sensitive (ES).

If you find I have made a mistake in my materials, I truly want to correct the error and hope you will contact me directly at I want to learn and be helpful. I mean no harm to anyone's ego or income. The ES need better help than what I received to recover from this horrible illness. It may be a painful process growing into a new paradigm merging our new medical needs with existing electrical practices. If you are angry with me, please help advance this movement by showing you too are a part of the solution by 

not destroying the messenger. 

Thank you!