I have earned a Residential Electrician's Career Diploma from Penn Foster but am not a licensed electrician.

Reserving an appointment is an acknowledgment that you have read and accepted this Agreement (EMF Tracing HomeOwner Contract).

EMF Tracing HomeOwner Contract (pdf)


Payment of Any Amount

Any Amount Direct Paypal link:

Cards not taken over the phone or swiped. 

PayPal online, cash or check mailed or in person are only methods accepted.

Payment Details

To Reserve a Full Tracing or Quick Check

Please pay first. $100 payment (PayPal, cash or check) starts the process for negotiating an appointment date. I'll contact you from your PayPal information. Please include your date preferences, address and phone in PayPal check out.

Fee rate:

Hourly: $175 first hour then $120 an hour. 

Full tracing: discounted rate is $450 (3-4 hours).

Phone/email time is $2 a minute or $120 an hour. 

Any Amount Direct Paypal link:

Quick Check

Quick Check is $175 for one hour (or less). Additional time available at $120 an hour. Travel time is additional. Client is responsible for note taking to save you $. Report is available for an additional $200.

Full Tracing

  • Full tracing is $450 (up to 4 hours). After that, additional time available at $75/hour. 
  • Follow up visit with electrician is $100 first hour, then $75 an hour.  
  • Report is additional $200.
  • Save tracing time by turning off all wireless devices before arrival. Power will be off for 1-2 hours. Have relevant people attend to observe so everyone learns and grows together.


  • Travel is $25 an hour total round trip drive time from Leesville Rd & W Millbrook Rd, Raleigh, NC.  Example: Charlotte is @ 3 hours one way, 6 total round trip. 6 X 25 = $150.
  • When travel exceeds 5 hours away (one way). a $200 overnight fee is added. Client may provide overnight accommodations (power to bedroom and wi-fi off) to avoid the overnight fee.
  • Out of NC trips require a non-refundable $100 deposit. Cancellations or altering schedule within 48 hrs of trip departure incurs a $100 fee.

Report for Electrician

Report for Electrician is an additional $200. Please, give me some advanced notice rather than leaving me a phone message "My electrician is here and he doesn't understand parallel neutral path magnetic fields. Can you explain it to him?" Client is responsible for taking notes during tracing work unless report was ordered. Asking for more information one week after full tracing needs to be paid for through phone consult or report format.

Phone/Email Consult

Phone/Email Consult: $30 per 15 minutes. See below for additional time options.

A week of free calls/emails are included after the full tracing service. Any other inquiries (email/phone) are $30 minimum to answer. 

Please include phone number when asking for a phone consult.

$30 min. payment for phone/email consult

Any Amount Direct Paypal link:

Follow up Work

This is challenging work for everyone. Please consider the following.

I cannot contract work so the client is responsible for hiring the electrician.  I have worked with many electricians in the RDU area and can usually recommend one that will be familiar with this work,  respect my participation and not make you feel stupid. The electrician will be responsible to ensure it is code compliant. I am responsible that the work is EMF safe and healthy for you. 

No, there are no local electricians that are EMF experts. 

It will save you time, frustration and money to hire me to work with your electrician at all times to ensure that both the code and your EMF goals are met, the first time. I have had many clients do a phone consult, hire their own electrician, do some work, then call me to complain about the results.  Trying to fix work that has been done by an electrician without my input is often a bad situation. It is best for me to work with your electrician from start to finish, to avoid costly mistakes and bruised egos, and ensure that your home is EMF CLEAN.