Link between Health and EMFs

Recommended Equipment

"There is no federally developed national standard for safe levels of exposure to RF energy." - FCC 

I recommend going through my First Five Steps protocol before expecting positive results from any expensive health treatment program.

Filtering/Protective RESOURCES (owned by Shaun Kranish)

Safe Living Technologies Inc.  

LESSEMF.COM The EMF Safety SuperStore

The EMF Kill Switch


Informative WEBSITES

Jeromy Johnson - Protect Your Family from EMF Pollution 

Parents for Safe Technology


EMR Aware Newsletter


GeoVital (see this very slick magazine type promo with helpful overview of areas to address) 


Essential READING

  • Top Tips to Detox Your Body (relationship between EMFs, Glyphosate, Geoengineering, parasites, Lyme, aluminum, vaccines, retroviruses, Thyroid, Liver, Intestinal absorption, detoxing, seizures, etc...)

  • Plague - Judy Mikovits, Ph.D and her book explaining ME/CFS, Lyme, Autism, Mold, etc. and where it comes from and the solutions.

  • Get rid of your CPAP devices
    • "After the implementation of circuit cut-off switches and/or shielding, two-thirds of all patients with sleep apnea were able to do without their CPAP devices; pauses in breathing had completely disappeared!" GeoVital

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Slow the frenetic need for hyper-connectivity and reconnect to the depths of our own humanity.

Slow the frenetic need for hyper-connectivity and reconnect to the depths of our own humanity. 

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Audio Only Interview

Arthur Firstenberg

is interviewed regarding his book "The Invisible Rainbow." Start at 3:20.

Friday, April 6, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. 

WGDR-FM, Montpelier, Vermont (Goddard College Radio)

Show host: Tonio Epstein

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