What do you get?

The full tracing is $450. Takes about four hours and checks your home for the following: 

  • Magnetic fields (current flowing but field not being cancelled by nearby wire of same current in opposite direction) from nearby power lines and a very common electrical practice that “bundles” neutrals from different circuits, creating a parallel path.

  • Radio/Microwave radiation (RFR/MWR) from nearby towers, modern “smart” appliances, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, security systems, smart meters, cell phones, etc.

  • High body voltage (electric field pressure) usually from Romex wires being stapled to walls and floorboard or exposure to bad lamps, cords, unshielded wires, bed coils, etc.

  • “Objectionable” current (current on the grounds) like the ground rod, water pipes, cable TV line or any other grounding conductor, improperly wired outlets, neutral/ground connections in appliances and sub panels, generators, etc. 

  • Neutral continuity problems with other neutrals (parallel) or with Equipment Grounding Conductors in subpanels and circuits that will cause magnetic fields, body voltage and subtle electrocution.

  • “Dirty” electricity (switch mode power supplies creating harmonics and transient voltage spikes) “smart” electric meters, dimmer switches, modern appliances, fluorescent lights...

  • Smart Meter Shielding available.

  • A brief follow-up summary of recommended action points is emailed within 48 hours. A comprehensive report (see Sample Electrician's Report at bottom of page) and video is an additional $175.

  • See video page for examples of work covered. 

Start Process to Reserve a Home EMF Tracing

One-Hour Quick Check

$150: a huge amount of relevant information given very quickly from the above categories and client take notes. This is best for new home buyers. Uncovers the 3 "deal breakers": Cell Tower, Power Line, Ground Current issues.

Quick Check vs. Full Tracing? Quick Check has no Parallel Neutral Check, no Neutral/Ground Continuity Diagnostics, minimal time figuring out ideal breaker settings for sleeping areas, minimal time educating client regarding the test results and ramifications.

If a follow up video and report for electrician is requested, add $175. See  Sample Electrician's Report at bottom of page.

Phone/Email Consultation

$25 every 15 minutes, phone or email responses. Free phone/email support is included for one week after a full Tracing. All other inquiries (phone/email) are $25 min. to answer.

For advice about Smart Meter opt-outs, contact Mark:

If you've watched my videos and still have questions on what my service covers, how to shield meters, etc., please, reserve phone consult time by making a payment under Time Options, below. 

I'll contact you after receiving the payment confirmation from PayPal. 

Phone/Email Consult $25 - 15 min.

McAfee Protocol - First Five Steps


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

I prioritize the order of events how to get out of crisis, not send you further into one. 

Links are included to help you find items. 

Include your email so I can send you a PDF. 

I recommend purchasing a phone consult as well.

Go Hardwired - Adapter Links


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

I'll email you the links to purchase the exact items to hardwire and connect your Ethernet/Internet to your iPod, iPhone, or other Apple device so you can surf, up/download info without paying cellular minutes, get emails, etc., without Wi-Fi. 

Help connecting them is available through a phone consult.


Home EMF Clean Building Practices

Electrician/Contractor Punch List


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This is a comprehensive list for building or remodeling to ensure a low EMF home. It addresses everything from the Service Entrance panel board configuration, MC cabling, dirty electricity filtering, cut-off switches, how to avoid parallel neutrals, current on the grounds, and much more.

Sample Electrician's Report

Includes a video, code citations, short punch list for workers, expanded list explanations for supervisor and home owner.