Full Tracing

Phone/Email Consultation

Full Tracing

Full Tracing takes about four hours at $120 per hour and includes the following: 

- Presentation with diagrams with research explaining what the numbers mean, why its important and how the solutions solve the problems.

-  Ground loop isolator (installed if needed for $30) on Cable Internet to remove current.

- Smart Meter Shielding installed (if requested for $25).

- Parallel Neutral check reveals internal magnetic fields from continuity problems with other neutrals (parallel return path).

- Neutral/Ground Continuity check reveals which circuits have neutrals connected to the Equipment Grounding Conductors in subpanels and circuits that will cause magnetic fields, body voltage and subtle electrocution.

- Magnetic fields from nearby power lines and a very common electrical practice that “bundles” neutrals from different circuits, creating a parallel path.

- Radio/Microwave radiation (RFR/MWR) from nearby towers, modern “smart” appliances, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, security systems, smart meters, cell phones, etc.

- High body voltage (electric field pressure) usually from Romex wires being stapled to walls and floorboard or exposure to bad lamps, cords, unshielded wires, bed coils, etc.

- “Objectionable” current (current on the grounds) like the ground rod, water pipes, cable TV line or any other grounding conductor, improperly wired outlets, neutral/ground connections in appliances and sub panels, generators, etc. 

- “Dirty” electricity (switch mode power supplies creating harmonics and transient voltage spikes) “smart” electric meters, dimmer switches, modern appliances, fluorescent lights...

- A brief follow-up email of recommended actions usually within 48 hours. You may add a comprehensive report (see Sample Report for Electrician ) and video for an additional $300.

See video page for examples of work covered. 

Start with a $100 deposit.

Quick Check

Phone/Email Consultation

Full Tracing

$175. Up to one hour and provides a huge amount of information. This is best for new home buyers. There is no follow up report unless ordered (add $360). 

This reveals the 3 "deal breakers":

  1.  Radio/Microwave from nearby Cell Towers
  2. Magnetic fields from Power Lines
  3. Ground Current entering on into home

- Body Voltage tested and circuit breaker found to lower level for one bedroom.

 Additional quick tests:

- Dirty electricity

- Magnetic fields (inside)

- Electric fields (inside) 

If more time is wanted immediately after the first hour quick check is completed, time is billed at $120 an hour.  Start with a $100 deposit.


Quick Check vs. Full Tracing? Quick Check has no Presentation, no Parallel Neutral Check, no Neutral/Ground Continuity check, minimal time figuring out ideal breaker settings for sleeping areas.

If a follow up video and report is requested, add $360. See  Sample Report for Electrician at the bottom of page.

“…[R]erecently a sample report that you produced with electrical recommendations came into my hands.  Have to say I am seriously impressed.  You are deserving of the highest commendation.”

--Charles Keen, IAEI Certified Electrical Inspector, EMF SERVICES LLC. 845-276-9500

Phone/Email Consultation

Phone/Email Consultation

Phone/Email Consultation

Phone/email consult: $30 for every 15 minutes, phone or per every email response. Free phone/email support is included for one week after a full 4-hour tracing.  All other inquiries (phone/email) are a $30 minimum.

For advice about Smart Meter opt-outs, contact Ellen:

If you've watched my videos and still have questions on what my service covers, how to shield meters, etc., please, reserve phone consult time by making a payment first. 

I'll contact you after receiving the payment confirmation from PayPal. 

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