What do you get?

The full tracing is $450. Takes about four hours and checks your home for the following: 

  • Magnetic fields (current flowing but field not being cancelled by nearby wire of same current in opposite direction) from nearby power lines and a very common electrical practice that “bundles” neutrals from different circuits, creating a parallel path.

  • Radio/Microwave radiation (RFR/MWR) from nearby towers, modern “smart” appliances, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, security systems, smart meters, cell phones, etc.

  • High body voltage (electric field pressure) usually from Romex wires being stapled to walls and floorboard or exposure to bad lamps, cords, unshielded wires, bed coils, etc.

  • “Objectionable” current (current on the grounds) like the ground rod, water pipes, cable TV line or any other grounding conductor, improperly wired outlets, neutral/ground connections in appliances and sub panels, generators, etc. 

  • Neutral continuity problems with other neutrals (parallel) or with Equipment Grounding Conductors in subpanels and circuits that will cause magnetic fields, body voltage and subtle electrocution.

  • “Dirty” electricity (switch mode power supplies creating harmonics and transient voltage spikes) “smart” electric meters, dimmer switches, modern appliances, fluorescent lights...

  • Smart Meter Shielding available.

  • A brief follow-up summary of recommended action points is emailed within 48 hours. You may add a comprehensive report (see Sample Electrician's Report at bottom of page) and video for an additional $175.

Start Process to Reserve a Home EMF Tracing

One-Hour Quick Check

$150: a huge amount of relevant information given very quickly from the above categories and client take notes. This is best for new home buyers. Uncovers the 3 "deal breakers": Cell Tower, Power Line, Ground Current issues.

Quick Check vs. Full Tracing? Quick Check has no Parallel Neutral Check, no Neutral/Ground Continuity Diagnostics, minimal time figuring out ideal breaker settings for sleeping areas, minimal time educating client regarding the test results and ramifications.

If a follow up video and report for electrician is requested, add $175. See  Sample Electrician's Report at bottom of page.

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Phone/Email Consultation

$25 every 15 minutes, phone or email responses. Free phone/email support is included for one week after a full Tracing. All other inquiries (phone/email) are $25 min. to answer.

For advice about Smart Meter opt-outs, contact Mark:

If you've watched my videos and still have questions on what my service covers, how to shield meters, etc., please, reserve phone consult time by making a payment under Time Options, below. 

I'll contact you after receiving the payment confirmation from PayPal. 

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Phone/Email Consult $25 - 15 min.

Go Hardwired - Adapter Links


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

I'll email you the links to purchase the exact items to hardwire and connect your Ethernet/Internet to your iPod, iPhone, or other Apple device so you can surf, up/download info without paying cellular minutes, get emails, etc., without Wi-Fi. 

Help connecting them is available through a phone consult.

McAfee Protocol - First Five Steps


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

I prioritize the order of events how to get out of crisis, not send you further into one. 

Links are included to help you find items. 

Include your email so I can send you a PDF. 

I recommend purchasing a phone consult as well.

Home EMF Clean Building Practices

Electrician/Contractor Punch List


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This is a comprehensive list for building or remodeling to ensure a low EMF home. It addresses everything from the Service Entrance panel board configuration, MC cabling, dirty electricity filtering, cut-off switches, how to avoid parallel neutrals, current on the grounds, and much more.

Electrician's Report


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A report designed to help electrician's understand what was found in the full tracing and what needs to happen, complete with National Electrical Code violations, video and video notes.

Sample Electrician's Report

Includes a video, code citations, short punch list for workers, expanded list explanations for supervisor and home owner.