Cell Tower and Power Line Testing

Here is an example of testing exterior Radio and Microwave (RF/MW) and Magnetic Field levels. Be sure to test every home before buying! We can fix most any problem inside the home. These exterior influences are deal breakers from the start. 

Parallel Neutral Magnetic Fields

This shows how a parallel neutral creates a magnetic field. Unfortunately, bundling neutrals from different circuits is a very common electrical practice and needs to be sorted out. Don't add any dirty electricity filters until you have had your neutrals checked. The dirty electricity will be broadcast throughout that magnetic field!

Neutral Problems

This just scratches the surface on the Neutral Check (parallel neutrals) and problems caused by neutral/ground connections.

Cable TV/Internet Current

The overwhelming majority of homes have current coming into their Service cabinets from their Cable TV/Internet line. Fortunately, there is a very easy and inexpensive way to stop it.

Water Pipe Current

It is critically important to remove any current from the water pipes before it comes into your house or panel. See the resulting magnetic fields, body voltage and contact current levels in this video.

3 Wire Cooktop Problem

Since 1996, the National Electrical Code (NEC) requires 120/240V cooktop/ranges, dryers and other such appliances to have 4 wires. Here is the problem with using only 3. Notice the body voltage and contact current levels. 

Range and Dryer Rewire

Unfortunately, this is a big problem with many Ranges and Dryers in homes since 1996. Many  STILL come from the factory with their neutral and ground connected! Have you checked yours?

Neutral/Ground Problems

Here are two quick examples of how a neutral to ground connection can be made, one through a burned lamp fixture and the other through a dryer. This effects the whole house as all the neutrals and grounds will have continuity.

Dirty Electricity and Contactor Box

Here is a good way to use Greenwave or Stetzer filters at the panel, with dedicated A and B phase outlets. Using the PxDNA filters are best if you can afford them. 

Turning off multiple breakers at once AND cutting the neutrals and hots at the same time with a contactor box is shown here.

There are are UL approved whole house EMF reducers available.

Oops - an Outlet Neutral/Ground Connection

See a ground wire touching the neutral inside an outlet. The neutral wire was open, disconnected, but the light was still working, using the ground for the return pathway. Current was being added to the grounds throughout the house! Not good.

Body Voltage Test - Turning Breakers On/off

Turning off the breakers at night is one of the best and easiest ways to lower body voltage, eliminate dirty electricity and remove some magnetic fields.

Always check with a body voltage meter the true effect of throwing on/off breakers. Just turning off your bedroom breaker does not guarantee lower body voltage. In fact, sometimes, it makes it worse.

There are also options to make this more convenient than having to go to the panel each night, like installing double pole outlet switches. 

Current Beaming Out from Fluorescent Lights

This demonstrates how much current and body voltage (electric field) emits off of an ungrounded lamp. It actually radiates through the air from a fluorescent bulb! Fortunately this is easy to fix with a 3 wire shielded/grounded cable and using incandescent bulbs.

Equipment Grounding Conductor Check

Here is an easy way to check if there is current on your equipment grounding conductor which represents incorrectly wired appliances, circuits, junction boxes and other code violations.

Radon 120/240V Hack

The Radon vacuum pump was installed incorrectly and put current onto the grounds in the home.

Grounds and Neutrals together in Panel

I have found that we won't be able to achieve 50mV or lower body voltage for good sleeping unless we separate the grounds and neutrals in the distribution/breaker panel. See this engineer's explanation: http://www.esgroundingsolutions.com/why-separate-the-ground-bar-from-the-neutral-bar-in-a-sub-panel/

The Ground Check - Find/Remove Objectionable Current

After you have found current on the grounding conductor, here is how you fix it. This is one of my most important procedures to find and fix, arguably, the worst electrical problems in a home. 

The continuity check procedure between the neutrals and grounds in the distribution panel is a great way to find improperly wired appliances, junction boxes, outlets, anywhere a neutral will conduct current to a grounding electrode conductor.

Great for finding the NEC 250.6 (A) Objectionable Current.

Office Building Magnetic Field

This office building had an extra bond between Services which created a ground loop. A magnetic field was created inside the offices. 

In-depth Look at Home EMF Tracing Work

There is a lot in this video if you want to dive deep. 

Video covers:

  • Current on grounds
  • Installing a Ground Loop Isolator on Cable/Internet
  • NEC Violations: MBJ, Neutrals and Panel 
  • Neutral Continuity Check finding an incorrectly wired dryer, cooktop, and bathroom fan/light
  • Current testing on grounds revealing neutral/ground connections within outlets and 120V neutrals putting current on 240V grounds. 
  • 3-Way Switch Magnetic Fields
  • Neutrals from multiple circuits bundled together causing magnetic fields