Any electrical work shown in videos was done by a licensed electrician, hired by the home owner.

Samples of Work


Lower Contact/Body Voltage? A Strategy for Turning off Breakers

Watch video here. Turning off the breakers at night is one of the best and easiest ways to lower body voltage, eliminate dirty electricity and remove some magnetic fields.

Always check with a body voltage meter the true effect of throwing on/off breakers. Just turning off your bedroom breaker does not guarantee lower body voltage. In fact, sometimes, it makes it worse.

There are also options to make this more convenient than having to go to the panel each night, like installing double pole outlet switches. 


Cell Tower and Power Line Testing

Here is an example of testing exterior Radio and Microwave (RF/MW) and Magnetic Field levels. Be sure to test every home before buying! We can fix most any problem inside the home. These exterior influences are deal breakers from the start.  Watch here.


Neutrals Causing Magnetic Fields

Watch here . A very common practice with electricians is to bundle all the white wires together, even if they are from different circuits. See the results here in this video. It is so common, I found one in the building where I was giving the presentation and used it as a demo. BTW, don't add any dirty electricity filters until you have had your neutrals checked. The dirty electricity will be broadcast throughout that magnetic field!


Neutral Problems

Watch it here. This just scratches the surface on the Neutral Check (parallel neutrals) and various problems caused by neutral/ground connections.


A Dryer or Light Fixture (ruining the whole house).

 Watch it here. Here are two quick examples of how a neutral to ground connection can be made, one through a burned lamp fixture and the other through a dryer. This effects the whole house as all the neutrals and grounds will then have continuity.


Dirty Electricity Filtering and Contactor Box

Watch it here.  Here is a good way to use Stetzer filters at the panel, with dedicated A and B phase outlets. 

For turning off multiple breakers at once AND cutting the neutrals and hots at the same time, use a contactor box.


Quickly Finding Current on Grounding Conductors

 Watch it here. Here is an easy way to check if there is current on your equipment grounding conductors which means incorrectly wired appliances, circuits, junction boxes and other code violations.


Removing Water Pipe Current and Magnetic Fields

 Watch it here. It is critically important to remove any current from the water pipes before it comes into your house or panel. See the resulting magnetic fields, body voltage and contact current levels in this video.


Radon 120:240V Hack

 Watch it here. The Radon vacuum pump installers took a short cut and the results put current onto the grounding conductors in the home.


Pre-1996 Wired Cooktop Range

Watch it here. It wasn't only cooking food but the apartment tenant with all the current on the frame. Change out your cords to be a 4 wire system to remove the neutral from the frame of your electric stove!


Poor Technique, Bad Outlet

What it here. This video shows how a ground wire touches a neutral screw inside an outlet.

Even when the neutral wire was off/open/disconnected, the light was still working, through the ground! This put current onto ALL the grounding conductors.


Easy Fix for Current on Cable Internet Sheath.

Watch it here. Two nice short videos showing the process. The overwhelming majority of homes have current coming into their panels from their Cable TV/Internet line. Fortunately, there is a very easy and inexpensive way to stop it. More evidence that the grid is wired incorrectly.


Current from Fluorescent Lights and Lamps

Watch it here.  Fluorescent lights beam current through the air!  Body voltage is very high around lamp electric fields. We can rewire the lamp to ground it with a 3 wire shielded cord to eliminate E-fields and contact current. Use incandescent bulbs whenever possible. They literally clean up your power.


Nightmare Sub Panel Puts 4.5A Current on Grounding Conductors

Watch it here. Being a major code violation didn't stop this electrician from putting over 4 amps of current on his sub panel grounding conductors. Wow. No wonder people are getting sick.


Deep Dive to Dig Out the Devils.

Watch it here.  Be patient on this video (18:27) and you'll be rewarded. Unbelievable problems were discovered and repaired. Ever see over 8 amps on a grounding conductor? You're about to. Do not underestimate what an AC repairman can destroy or how bad a house can be wired.


Office Magnetic Field

Watch it here. Ever wonder why you feel tired in some places? This client did. Improperly wired grounding conductors created a loop between Services that went right though his desk.


Meter/Disconnect Combo?

Watch it here. Does this look like your panel? It is allowed by code but creates higher body voltage within the home. The ground rod carried current directly into the grounding conductors and neutrals. Adding an outside meter/disconnect is the solution to separating the neutral/ground connection in the branch circuits.


Diagnosing and Removing Current from EGCs

Watch it here. Here is how you find and remove current from the equipment grounding conductors (EGCs). This is one of the most important procedures to fix one of the 

worst electrical problems in a home. 

This is a great way to find improperly wired appliances, junction boxes, outlets, anywhere a neutral will conduct current to an equipment grounding conductor.

We removed the water pipe current the next day with a plumber adding a piece of PEX to the water pipe at the crawlspace entrance.

Special info - Dave Stetzer and cows

Dave Stetzer and Andrew McAfee 
March 28, 2019

Dave Stetzer and STETZERiZER®- Related Research

Dave is the leading US electrical expert regarding dirty electricity. His work with Dr. Sam Milham and Magda Havas, PhD. has set the standard. See these videos of his landmark research to defend  farmers and prove the relationship between ground voltage, water intake, and milk production (published with his permission).

Cow Water Intake vs. Voltage

Cow Milk Production Related to Voltage

EMF Truth Interview: Andrew McAfee of Home EMF Tracing

8 - filtering

9 - wire problems

10 - fiber optic

14 - clients ready 

15 - infant exposure

16:30 - worst RF and mG

20 - slide demo worst wiring

31 - report or electrician?

33 - grounding products

33:45 - Dr. Milham

34 - ground current

35 - body voltage and ground filter

36:45 - grid problems 

37 - meter/disconnect explained

39 - benefits

42 - grounding products

44 - solar

47 - turning power off at night, problems

50 - Shielding

53 - 5G

56:30 - 5G wiring noise